Constantly and dynamically developing Formula E racing series, never ceases to amaze with its innovations. You can observe how radical the changes are - practically this new car with its unique geometry and beautiful curves. The video calls a thrill in the souls of Gen1 fans bringing excitement about the renovated battery and chassis of Gen2, as well as its modified forms. It speaks for itself!

Client: Formula E
Year: 2018

Creative Direction: Igor Voloschuk
Art Direction: Oleg Butov
CG Supervision: Timur Mullayanov
Account Management: Emma Valter
Editing: Peter Voronov
Modeling: Oleg Butov, Yaroslav Goglev, Dmitry Lebedko
Texturing & Shading: Oleg Butov, Yaroslav Goglev
Lighting: Oleg Butov
Setting up scenes: Timur Mullayanov, Grigoriy Kryuchenko
Setting up rendering: Igor Kashirin
3D Animation: Timur Mullayanov, Grigoriy Kryuchenko
Compositing: Timur Mullayanov
VFX: Timur Mullayanov
2D Animation: Dmitry Egorov
Music&Sound Design: Nikola Melnikov & Maksim Sorokin
Formula E Gen1-Gen2 Transformation