Formula E Gen2 Car Launch
This epic 3-minute-long video based on our own scenario with a juxtaposition of the Gen2 car being assembled by ABB robots and the one on the road. The action takes place in 5 cities: Hong Kong, NY, Paris, London, and Valencia.​​​​​​​
Indoor Shots
Outdoor Shots
Client: Formula E
Year: 2018

Creative Direction: Igor Voloschuk
Art Direction: Oleg Butov
CG Supervision: Nikolay Palaschenko, Timur Mullayanov
Account Management: Emma Valter
Concept Art: Oleg Butov, Grigoriy Kryuchenko, Yury Gvozdenko, Maksim Romantsov, Victoria Danilichenko
Editing: Nikolay Palaschenko
Modeling: Yaroslav Goglev, Oleg Butov, Dmitry Lebedko, Grigoriy Kryuchenko
Texturing & Shading: Yaroslav Goglev, Oleg Butov, Aleksey Derzhavin, Peter Betenev, Andrey Kobushenko, Aman Redzhepov, Anatoly Yurkov
Lighting: Oleg Butov, Grigoriy Kryuchenko, Aleksey Derzhavin, Anton Izhbaraev, Peter Betenev, Andrey Kobushenko, Freedes Studio, Aleksey Godzenko, Aman Redzhepov, Anatoly Yurkov
Setting up scenes: Timur Mullayanov, Oleg Butov, Grigoriy Kryuchenko, Yaroslav Goglev
Setting up rendering: Timur Mullayanov, Igor Kashirin, Anton Izhbaraev, Peter Betenev, Freedes Studio, Andrey Kobushenko, Aman Redzhepov, Anatoly Yurkov
3D Animation: Timur Mullayanov, Oleg Butov, Yaroslav Goglev, Anton Izhbaraev, Igor Filimonov
Character animation: Igor Shumilov
Simulation: Timur Mullayanov, Vitalius Antonovas, Daniil Kodubenko
Compositing: Timur Mullayanov, Aleksey Derzhavin, Artem Gainullov, Denis Kornilov, Rustam Masuev, Aleksandr Aleksandrov, Andrey Kobushenko, Aleksey Godzenko, Aman Redzhepov, Anatoly Yurkov
2D Animation: Aleksey Derzhavin
Music&Sound Design: Sergey Korotaev
Formula E Gen2 Car Launch
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