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Various illustration 2018- infinite line :)
Hi FOLKSSSS it's really long long time withou any update. I was crazy busy :) My life changed a lot i have a baby so less sleep hour more work to do and not a lot of time to update and show you those line :) 2018 it's an amazing year! There are a lot, really a lot, so please have the passion to arrive at the end of the gallery, of new work !! From apple, to twine, to new york times, to vanguard, JJmedia, Seic, Huawei and many many more. Hope you like it! Remember enjoy and spread love!! I will post more process and sketches on my instagram if you wan follow me there. Thanks again for your love and your passion! Life it's so complecated be easy!
I had the pleasure to work on those massive series of illustration for Twine an amazing app!!!!
this is a pattern made for Twine
a series of illustration inside Twine app.
a series of avatar :)
more illustration inside the app :)
I was so happy when apple asked me to draw something to celebrate one of the best human experience they made. They asked me to draw some cover to celebrate Red Day. Thanks again apple. From one line to the universe. We are connected.
This is a series of hand :) connected hand for JJ media ;)
This is a series of drawing made for Vanguard and New York Times.
Line animal exploration.
It's soo fun try to figure out animal. Animal power.
Woman exploration for a show in europe.
Those are a series starting from old old sketches that i found. And i decided to finish after more than one year.
Another woman :)
I had the pleasure to draw lot of stuff for Seic in switzerland :) This is the draw for the lounge and the timelapse of wall drawing :) with the help of my man Federico Landini!!!
and those 3 are the stairs ;)

stairs one
stairs two
stairs three
i had the pleasure to test Moleskine pen and Huawei and this is a small part of interview. it's just in italian but basicaly i say follow your mistake belive in your mistake and try to be happy :)

and those are a series of sketch made testing moleskine;) I use to draw really quick just to stop the idea and refine and rework later to find the perfect balance.
some editorial stuff :)

this one for EHDC
This is for SOHO house :)
Series of one line drawing for editorial
a little piece for New York Times. from rought to final.
Cover for Vita magazine
Those are a series of exploration how to draw the same drawing trying to figure out with just one line. It's a sort of how to connect two point with a line :) In this case the two point are the hands :) the rest of body it's just a line.
Golf Evolution
Tennis Evolution
A series of body dancing for an art show.
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Various illustration 2018- infinite line :)

Various illustration 2018- infinite line :)

A long series of work made with line. From apple to twine to new york times etc..