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Line Lovers - part 3 - illustration, ADV & Love

Hi folks. Finaly i found a way to share some new line.
Was and it's a strange strange moment in this universe.
We have to remind to say connected eachother.
I can't stop to believe in human. So be a good human and change this world. Thanks for your time!
Love it’s universal.
It’s not a day it’s not a shape it’s not a color it’s not a language it’s not a not...
Spread love.
I found an old sketch about this musicians and i decide to rework on it :) I can't decide what's better so i decide to share bot with you :)
I made this drawing in this quarantine. Stayinlove. Take care of your loves!
I did this series of drawings for Mcdonald Magazine :)
This project it's really important for me i had the opportuinity to work for IQ: student accommodation and i made lot of oneline drawings. If you go in the hotel you will find lot of this piece ;)
those are the illustration for each activity inside the accomodation.
this is pattern that they use all around in the building.
numbers for each floor.
Logo re-edition with all drawings :)
and live painting in the office :)
Also i did long line illustration of specific place.
This is a series of illustration did some time ago for Corrado Group :) A financial company.
I had the opportuinity to work with BBC for Children in Need. I did this poster and a series of icon.
I did this illustration for a South Korea company called Handok
Another illustration did for Lululemon
This is a draw for a company in Canada called Cloria.
Editorial for ETH Zurich
Series of ill for ZH magazine
Puzzle face.
Logo design for a good friend in cile
Proposal rebrand logo for Yeldstreet
Oneline Dog. Series of postcard :)
Draw for upcoming music proj :)
Celebration image for 9 yrs of canal 180 in Portugal.
Dancing in UK with riverside.
Series of decostruction woman body! limited print avaible soon :)
Another series of woman body! limited print avaible soon :)
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Line Lovers - part 3 - illustration, ADV & Love

Line Lovers - part 3 - illustration, ADV & Love

A long long series of new illustration from IQ student to Mcdonald from Italy to Usa to South Korea to all over the world. Just with a line.