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Infinite Green Line

Street Art
Hi folks!! Universal Green Line!! 
I had the pleasure to made an entire building with some of my line 
in Milano at Scalo Farini for Ferrovie Italiane. 
An amazing project to renew old area and old building.
It's a sort of a green line that start from a point to wrap all building like a green regeneration, full of person and love. ​​​​​​​
Enjoy and Spread Love. 
Front of the Building
Right side of the building 
Back of the building
Left side of the building
I have to say thanks to Andrea Scarpenti and Luca Serturini from Ortica Noodle, without this 2 guys nothing would be possible. 
To Renato Fontana the head on the amazing project and to my agents at Machas :). 
They also select my work for a series of screenprint for this xmas present for Ferrovie Italiane collaboration and friends :) 
In october i had the pleasure to draw the cover of one of my favourite Magazine. 
Interni Magazine. How nature and human could stay together. 
From rought to vector.
I had the pleasure to draw this coffe pack for this Colombian coffee brand. 
A draw that tell the story trought the nature to the people. 
Thanks to the people from S&Co. in Bogotà that have the vision :) 
enjoy and spread love

Share with everyone you want :) Thankssss

Infinite Green Line

Infinite Green Line