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Line Lovers - editorial illustration & more part 1.
Hi folks! Time for a little update. This is first part of long line series did in mid 2018-2019 :) From editorial to art piece. Hope you like share and use with amore!

Cover ill for SB magazine.
I'm start where you finish i finish where you start. A piece for art show.

Wip illustration for bbc
Series illustration for bowdown magazine
Illustration for Alfred Magazine
Ill for swiss magazine.
I redraw chimet logotype with lot of stuff :)
Ill for lufthansa
Ill for facebook.
Cover for Guardian Magazine
We share - illustration for Seat campaign.
The idea behind the artwork is that we are all connected and helping each other. My hand helps your hand. We are a multicoloured society, a multiracial society, a lovers' society. Where I finish, you begin - and where you finish I begin. We are one giant head with one giant body full of colours.
Stacks movement - art piece for a show.
One line animals.
A logo design for people of theatre
Line womans.
In skate we trust - a series for a show.
Pieace research for Nularse new album cover plus a limited edition
printed by Harvey Lloyd :)
Limited print for show in London
this is first part see you with part 2 :) Thanks for your love!
Share with love with everyone you want :)

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Line Lovers - editorial illustration & more part 1.

Line Lovers - editorial illustration & more part 1.

A long series of line drawings for lot of projects. From editorial to Adv and Show. We are all connected.