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Line Lovers - part 4 - illustration, ADV & Love
Hi folks!! long time without any update. It's a crazy sad moment and we have to remember to stay connected. Those are just a series of draw made for various client and reason all around the blue globe. Hope you could find a way to draw a smile on your face with this line. Thanks for your time. Enjoy and spread love. 
some new draw for guuk :)
all video by the amazing Device :) 
I was invited in Los Angeles to draw some line for the guy at SQLA :) 
sorry for this bad video but it's the only material that i have :) i lost the good files :( 
This is the image for World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) meeting :)
I had the pleasure to draw a wine label. Was amazing!  
project made with estudio dorian .
A series of draw for Milo app 
Cover design for the amazing proj Milaneser 
A new series of drawing and painting for Seic in switzerland 
A series of draw for Rapt in france.
An ill for Renew mag.
A draw for Cool Working by Actiu
Draw for Milo magazine 
Image for Renovia product :)
A series of images for Essence 
A series of draw for Capitol mag.
Another amazing proj in Japan :) 
A pattern of stranger :)
Cover for il sole 24 ore
Play with a dots.
Strange animals.
How to destroy duffy.
Universal love. In search of.
Use time to have your time. Break.
remember always to use your time for what you love! 
Share with everyone you want :) Thankssss

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Line Lovers - part 4 - illustration, ADV & Love

Line Lovers - part 4 - illustration, ADV & Love