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    Arrow SI Website UI/UX Design
Arrow SI Website

Arrow SI asked Axis41 to redesign their website. The goal for the new site was to help position Arrow SI as an expert consulting partner, specializing in unified communications, voice and data technologies, contact center and network security.  

Client: Arrow SI
Agency: Axis41
My Role: Lead UX Designer
Site Map and Navigation
The previous site put too much emphasis on individual products, which overwhelmed users, and didn’t tell the story of Arrow SI brining the right product mix and integration strategy to meet client needs. The new site map organizes the products by client need first, and then focuses on Arrow SI’s capabilities to partner and recommend the ideal solutions for specific needs. Individual products serve to lend credibility to Arrow SI’s expertise. The Arrow SI “Insights” blog was created to house all thought leadership related content and drive traffic to the site. The objective of the blog was to reinforce Arrow SI’s position as an industry leader by offering expert advise and commentary on industry trends. 

The new site map helped to uncover page templates required to house the appropriate content. These page templates were wireframed and prototyped to showcase the new user flows, and to provide direction to the Arrow SI content team as they developed more user-centered content for the new website.

High-Fidelity Designs
In parallel with the wireframes, a new look and feel was created for the new Arrow SI brand, formerly Arrow S3. The new brand attributes were applied to the wireframes, resulting in polished high-fidelity designs, ready for development.