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Stanford Medical Center Microsite Design

Stanford Medical Center Microsite 

Stanford asked Axis41 to create an online experience featuring their plans to build an innovative medical facility, inviting supporters to donate to the cause of better care. The site was designed to encourage exploration of the facility and its connection to the future of health care. 

Client: Stanford Medical Center
Agency: Axis41
My Role: As the lead UX designer, I collaborated with stakeholders, defined the content strategy, drafted wireframes, and created high-fidelity designs.
Page Navigation
An overview of each topic can easily be accessed by simply scrolling down the page, or by using the sticky main nav. Each topic panel contains a call to action to learn more, which scrolls the topic panel to the right, revealing even more content about the topic. Users can continue to click to the right to explore the topic further. At any point, the user can scroll up or down to find another topic to explore. 
The concept was first iteratively designed through wireframes, ensuring the right content and flow was in place before diving into high-fidelity designs. 
Responsive Design
A responsive design helped to reach a wider audience on various of screen sizes. 
Stanford Medical Center Microsite Design

Stanford Medical Center Microsite Design

Stanford Medicine, Medical Center Microsite UI/UX