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Xbox Year in Review Campaign Design

Xbox 2017 Year in Review

Xbox asked Wunderman Seattle to create a global campaign to celebrate the time gamers spent with Xbox in 2017. We created a personalized experience with elements important to each individual gamer. Gamer statistics were presented through an interactive dashboard, which formed a picture of the gamer’s habits and accomplishments, ultimately creating a sense of nostalgia for the time spent on the platform. 

The campaign results were very positive. The social conversation volume increased significantly YoY, with very low negative sentiment.

Client: Xbox
Agency: Wunderman
My role: As the UX architect, I created interactive wireframes, conducted user testing, and provided guidance to the visual design team based on user insights.

The concept was first iteratively designed through wireframes, ensuring the right content and flow was in place before diving into high-fidelity designs. 
Iterative Testing
We used the RITE method for usability testing (Rapid Iterative Testing and Evaluation). This allowed us to quickly address usability issues and make refinements to the designs as they evolved from low fidelity to high fidelity.
High Fidelity Design 
Wireframes were refined into high-fidelity designs with breakpoints for different screen sizes. 
Post-Launch Social Share
Gamers around the world were excited to share their personal stats. Some shared the entire dashboard, and others shared specific stats they were proud of. 
Xbox Year in Review Campaign Design

Xbox Year in Review Campaign Design

Microsoft Xbox Year in Review Campaign