Once upon a time, D had a vision.

A nearby subject.
A horizontal ratio of 3:2.
An approximate field angle of 64°.
A natural light. Maybe a little bit diffused?
An underexposure, 1-stop if possible. Otherwise 2/3.
A subject that isn't necessarily "cool", but emerges as such.
A perfectly centered framing, otherwise put it on the right third.
A subject that communicates through eyes, thoughts or gestures.
A lens isolating the subject, while keeping it within context.
A 4-minute processing. 10, if switching to Photoshop.
A higher black point. A lower white point.

Always a good reason behind it.
Never shoot just for the sake of it.

Once upon a time, D had a dream in taking portraits.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
​​​​​​​That dream may have been shattered, but photos won't be.

portraits [2011-2017]

portraits [2011-2017]

Breve recap dei miei ritratti. (2011-2017)