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    Stage design for Nice To Be, with Len Faki using a 20 of 20 inch TV color
Past, present and future ...
ArtWork by : Vincenzo Paccone
past, present and future ... as a unitary concept, fusion of ideas, yesterday and tomorrow, try the encounter between the old and the new way of expressing art, as a form of visualism and interaction.
With a gutshot born from the need to generate new products, in a market saturated with the usual proposals.
And so, with the help of the "original construction" a way to see the internship as an artistic part of the integrated performance of the DJ -
Picsby : Valerio Natale
20 TV 20-inch, the magic of the low resolution, faded colors, a simple and functional design, embody the idea of the old generating the new, the TV images that create a ledwall able to excite. six TVs connected to a camera, and two distinct and crossed rows of seven generating various images.
The inserted video content was a key part of the installation. the tv-color and higher grounds were connected to a surveillance camera, which took over the performance of the DJ, the interiors were alternated to a PC with Modul8, with a continuous flow of vintage and retro videos, the remaining screens were connected to a VCR with a tampered tape in a continuous loop.
alternating were presented the biographies of the artists, with detailed altslaves fonts, font origiinale Commodore 64