DUEL  2016-17
Restailing Club and Lights Design
The new logo - designed by _ Francesco Quarto & Marco Palomba
LET'S it
Was 2012,when i started working at "Duel:Beat",Naples.One of the most famous clubs in Campania, simply a black box hosting years after years,the best undergound artists of the world.
We used to start creating light design,starting from a old setup,following the european scene wich was at that days so appreciated.

We are ready now to redifine the place,starting from zero,and give to the black box,the right face that deserve.
Our mission was reinvent the club with minimal concept,the idea it was to drive the audience to the artist,so the heart is the center,with a giant dj booth,a simple setup but perfectly specular left and right,grate installation ledwalls P36,wich gives a 80's effect,triangular setup of spots Xr9,and,in the same way but upside down,led pars.
Also the sound is perfectly specular from the left to the right,in less words,once you are in the dancefloor you dont need to know where you are,you're already in the party.
3d RE
Much of the project has been created with "capture Atlas", respecting of course the actual measurements, so as to have clear the end result
All the lights in the club are old !
in a period where many take to the new machines the task of illuminating the rooms, we decided to re-dated equipment, arranged, and positioned in the right way, the true concept is just that, generating new forms with old equipment, is not only a idea tied to the budget but gives charm to a new body, a beautiful ancient dress !

- xr9 spot 575 - classic 90's PAR LED - LED PITCH 36 old equipment 1980 - 

The only modern piece that came to the club, are two of the latest generation laser 6 watt, placed of course to create interest in the center of the room.