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NEUHM - 4th anniversary celebration
Video Comunication 
Stage Design
About Neuhm 
Not very long ago in Italy, house music was a dying rhythm. And although there were few clubs and promoters that were still hosting some events, the reality was that house music has taken a back seat to trendy music, such as, electro and edm music. Frustrated by the before mentioned; a group of young house music lovers took matters into their own hands a created concept-and they named it NEUHM.
Welcome to the NEUHM Movement; Inspired by their for-fathers of house music. NEUHM are a family of young individuals (both young men and woman) who are on a mission dedicated to rein- stilling this supreme music that we call House back into the minds. hearts and souls of a new generation of music lovers in Italy-and it is an honor to be asked once again to contribute to the cause that I myself have invested in, but am also deeply concerned about. It’s also fitting that it is taking place in my favorite city in Italy to play music to my family of peeps in Naples.
With that said, we invite you to join me this coming Saturday as I join the neuhm family, Lil Louis and Joi Cardwell in celebrating their 4-year mission of bringing house music back to Italy, especially Naples. Come Join The Movement. We look forward to seeing you there!
Music Always
For video communication we have chosen a more celebratory work that a real spot, celebrate four years of work is an important mission.
we have brought together all the best artists passed on the NEUHM's turntable, interviewed during the four years, their feelings and the feelings of an increasingly proud of the work that NEUHM did.
Has always been the residence of NEUHM. the duel: beat has seen the greatest international artists of the world music scene, from house to techno, rock to EDM. Born as a church and later as a cinema, in the end it became a club of worldwide fame, three in Italy and fortieth in the world is one of the most underground clun Southern Italy
FOUR YEARS, an internship dynamic, four concentric circles polystyrene with metal-soul are the main attraction of the stage, are decorated with LEDs that light up with music a huge structure, the first circle of 3 meters radius, with a 6 meters breadth, this structure above the center of the room, gradually climbing up to the last place the circle in front of the LED wall, which for the occasion has been mapped. a complex project, which was attended by three different teams of professionals people, an internship at the forefront, the icing on the cake, a laser 12 wat that follows the contours of the structure, a masterful experience!
front view
top view