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    Study of Stage Design for Len Faki @ Golden Gate - With Nice to Be Naples 2015
Stage Design
Naples 2015
Graphic By Vincenzo Paccone
The location is the Golden Gate of Naples, a historical club of Campania, a huge metal cube, the console and all its parts are structural steel, the sound in this place is magical, Angels of Love made history in this club, for years kept closed due to bureaucratic problems, now re-open the door to a major event of Techno music with the leading artist of the Berghain, Len Faki
The stage is slightly decentralized, so it was quite tricky to create an internship respecting the proportions, we decided, thanks to the choice of the artistic direction, managed by Diana Donzelli, to put the DJ on the lower console, where they usually many in past have positioned dancers or performances, so as to keep the dJ at the contact with people. From the position of the console we designed an internship triangular
The design speaks of this proportion triangular, and the building tries to restore that lost sense of order in the structure, we divided the ledwall into 3 parts, some modules, twelve to be exact, will be mounted on top of the console, each module is long 1,60cm to 80cm, the total length of the console is 5 meters, thus leaving only two modules at the top we have this sense triangular sought, the remaining LED screens will be mounted between the second stage and the sound console where the artist play, which will be mounted later, we decided to use in addition to a large pitch ledwall transparent, as we mount the lights right at the back of the LED screens that will disappear when we turn off, this optical effect is already created for Riccardo Villalobos in Nice to Be
The lighting system, will consist of 14 motorized heads latest generation produced by DTS Italy, with the name of Raptor, heads the forefront, without limit, lamps 17R, a promise made in door and out door incredible ten wash four Atomic 3000 strobes, four blinders, all will be managed by one controller Pilot 3000 - on top of the triangle will mount a laser 11 watt of Laserworld run by Phoenix4 system, then the tip of our triangle.
The work of the stage began a day earlier, so that we can better manage it all, it remains an unknown factor the use of LED walls, the choice is definitely on a wide pitch. the only small change from to the sketch was the implementation of two pylons to generate triangulation on the side, placed slightly closer to the console.
DTS beam - Raptor 17R Lamp
Visual Concept
The visual echo the genre sketches of Vincenzo Paccone's graphics, the human figure at the center of the pyramid, the human form as a play of colors and primary address of the representation eccentric man at the center of the universe, with the touch that reflects the gloomy class techno Levant (LEN) and the minimal style wanted by the artistic direction of Nice to Be