GAZZARRINI architectural mapping, lights and show
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                                                                                                Cinematic Opera party for the launch of the new campaign
Born in a land that is a symbol of Italian culture, Gazzarrini has embraced all the virtues of Made in Italy: elegance, design ability, tradition, cutting-edge production techniques. Virtues united by a single common denominator: aesthetic quality.
Today, the company headquarters have changed territory and settled in Campania.
The collections have been enriched with all the experience and charm of the Neapolitan sartorial tradition but have lost none of their original DNA, giving life to an even higher project.
An important story, which makes Gazzarrini the perfect example of Italian product, born from the combination of local roots and international spirit, artisan flavor and industrial innovation.
Gazzarrini has chosen one of the most evocative places in Florence to celebrate his return to the Olympus of international fashion, the Odeon Theater. Housed in a palace built by Palla Strozzi in 1457 to a design by Filippo Brunelleschi, the Odeon was inaugurated in 1922. Since then, over the decades, its stage has been treating international and Italian stars such as Angelica Huston, Kate Winslet, Kenneth Brannagh, Ralph Fiennes and the great Alberto Sordi, Nino Manfredi and, of course, Roberto Benigni.
Odeon Theatre in Florence
mscompany took an integral part of the project with the construction of architectural video mapping, stage design and light design. we studied a unique way to create excitement for the participants, thanks to the artistic direction of visual consulting milan, we created a unique 10 minute show, where artists, musicians and singers performed accompanied by our mapping
a show where everything starts from the realization of a 3D image in real dimensions, to meet the short time of assembly and availability of the location, which was granted to us just one day before the event. it was necessary to recreate the entire structure in order to calculate the distance between the projectors, the laying of the cables for the lighting machines and the acoustic impact on the location.
3D real light shading from Capture Atlas
we decided to create an architectural mapping, and to show the new collection to the fashion world, with a fashion show created in post-production, ie the model paraded on a green screen, and we in post production, using mood board study we applied the right scenario, to involve the audience more and create a post-modern effect.
with copositing technique, we gave new life to fashion shows, previously recorded on a green screen wall, this is the process of creating one of the moods of the show, the most challenging for the details that are present.
for the architectural mapping, we decided to emphasize the lines of the structure by creating masks that would amplify the beauty, to cover all the projection air we mounted 3 projectors of 20,000 ansilumens with ultrawide optics 0: 8, the two headlamps were specular to each other, so we used the specular symmetry of the room to map only one and send in relaunching the same image to the front, in addition we used the front projector to map the screen and the front arches.
these are a few seconds of the mapping show, you can see a total image of the mapping, in time code there are 4 projectors in sync with the same output timeline, so to go in time with all the shows.
the artistic direction, the preparation and the reception was taken care of by Visual Consulting Milan, and with our lighting projects, the result was fantastic.
Great picture artist Mario Iovinella
Gianni Sorbino                                                                                                                                                                                 Marco Sanna
A special thanks goes to the landlord Gianni Sorbino who has trusted us from the beginning, conscious of relying on a group that loves his job, we at mscompany are honored to have had the technical direction of such an important event and prestigious. and we want to thank the artistic director of the event, who guided us in creating a unique show of its kind, managing to mix art, fashion, show, classicism and modernity, dreaming, as he had said, dreaming of something difficult, but that together we managed to do.
GAZZARRINI architectural mapping, lights and show

GAZZARRINI architectural mapping, lights and show



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