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New Opening Laura Biagiotti store in Rome
After the death of Mrs. Laura, Lavinia, his daughter, decides to reopen the famous store of Laura Biagiotti, starting from the capital, where the family lives, and has its factories, the task of setting up this shop is entrusted directly by Lavinia, and so that we arrive at the first meetings, while the room where the store will be hosted is still a construction site, the curves of a refined and classic design begin to be outlined.
from the left - sitting, Marco Sanna of Visual Consulting Milano - with mac Massimiliano Salemme of mscompany - on the right Laviania Biagiotti and his staff
Everything starts from a comparison, artists and owners, ideas, the present, the past and the future, analyzed under the watchful eye of style, elegance, which has always distinguished the Biagiotti brand, Visual Consulting Milan as the creator of the project and mscompany took care of the graphic presentation style, and the actual assembly of the shop windows.
The search for the mood, carried out by the visual artist Marco Sanna, was based on some of the last works of Biagiotti, and of the unmistakable love for the art of the family. in 1970 René Gruau dedicated a painting of Laura to Laura Biagiotti, immersed in a luminous spiral, and it is precisely one of the key elements that she will portray in the main window of the new Store.
From the idea to the rendering, from the drawing to the 3D vision. Marco Sanna has completely immersed himself in the vision of the Biagiotti collection, the last one designed by her, where the Roma stamp is often depicted and a 10 cent stamp. This stamp was issued in October 1906. The 10 cents stamp suffered more than an imitation to defraud the mail.
this is the original 3D rendering generated by mscompany to present the project to the client
Once we accepted the project, we moved everyone to create the store windows, so many workers and artisans were involved.
she is Franca, one of the best bell tellers. his company is located in Melito di Napoli
During the creation of this showcase, many workforces, artisans, and many artists were put in place to create something unique. the coating of the iron spiral, was obtained from the same velvet fabric covering the entire store, maintaining the unmistakable Biagiotti color.
We have entrusted the construction of neon lights to a young but professional company from Campania, Neon Lab, Giulio, the founder, has delivered us the neon lights in record time, and the work has been far above expectations.
Neon Lab forniture of handmade quality neon 
Received the materials, we have therefore assembled the structures, as project, thanks to the help of the mscompany technicians, we have fully recreated the window we had projected with Visual Consulting