The Precarious Work Monster was an idea presented to us by the team at AirCastle (working with the Toronto Public Library Union) to create a short video about the dangers of unsustainable and insecure jobs, framing it within a story being told to the listener. The spectre of precarious work is one that pervades daily life in Toronto (and Canada in general) and while the animation itself is richly detailed and full of entertaining elements (based off of the style of old horror movie posters), the message behind it is an important one, and one that affects a number of industries in the city. This was a project with a lot of work and a tight schedule, but it was a joy to put together, thanks to some kick-ass illustrators and our team working hard to create an engaging animation.
Client: Toronto Public Library Union
Agency: AirCastle
Creative Director: Alon Isocianu
Animators: Alon Isocianu, Jacob Doforno, Scott Mulligan & Gav Patel
Executive Producer: Anna Junger
Producer: Alex Nursall
Illustrators: Leo Lingas & Dave Franciosa