We were comissioned by Corus Tempo to create a fun series of six second spots for Joe Fresh's "Freshters" brand. The goal was to create these quick introductory pieces that gave the viewers a small taste of Marcus, Emma, Sophie, Jack, Sebastian and Claire ("The Freshsters").  With each spot we were tasked with highlighting the various personalities of each character by incorporating their interests into an engaging, visual, and imaginative manner. The video player above shwocases our favorite design and approach. The final spots that went to broadcast had an alternate look that was brighter and more simplified. The following stills showcase this approach that went to air.
We began with existing illustrations of the characters that were supplied to us by Joe Fresh. We then took these still character illustrations and built unique environments around them that personified each individual's interests and hobbies. Because each spot is so short, we had to find clever and visually interesting ways to incorporate as much of the character's personality into a single composition. We utilized a mix of photographic stock elements mixed with additional hand drawn artwork pieces to create each environment. We then breathed life into the characters and backgrounds using various 2D animation techniques. We found that keeping the environments rich in detail, but simple in terms of overall movement allowed the viewers to take in the entire composition in a cohesive manner, while still getting to experience a little bit of each character's unique physical traits. We focused first on the characters themselves, breaking down each illustration into individual pieces that would get animated separately, from an arm swinging a drum stick, down to a wrinkle of a nose. We wanted to bring as much life into these characters as possible, without making it feel too over-the-top cartoony. We then moved into the backdrops where we experimented and auditioned different compositions and placements of all the background elements. 

One of the earlier concepts we pitched, that didn't end up getting selected, was a more illustration driven approach. Here we keyed off of the existing character artwork and built a neighborhood environment that used the same illustration style. The colour palette here was intentionally simple and heavily branded.

​​​​​​​Client: Joe Fresh
Product: Freshsters
Agency: Corus / Tempo
Producer: Anna Junger
Animation Creative Director: Alon Isocianu
Animators: Jullian Ablaza, Janet Mac, Alon Isocianu