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Ria Mae Ooh Love

Any time we get a chance to hang out on the beach in Venice LA is a good day, so we couldn’t wait for the opportunity to work on this colorful and stylized video for Sony Music’s Ria Mae.  The video is an explosion of psychedelic animations that envelope Ria’s performance as she travels along the Venice boardwalk.  We were tasked with conceiving, producing, directing, editing and animating the entire video.  We wanted to explore the notion of an outpouring of love in all of it’s forms; it’s quirk and it’s warmth, it’s familiarity and it’s strangeness.  Ultimately the aim was to make people feel the overwhelming nature of love that Ria sings about.  Despite it’s colorfulness, there’s also darkness and strangeness to love.  It can be clear and familiar but also distorted and elongated to the point where it turns into an entirely different thing.  We assembled a team of 3 animators to contribute to the piece, utilizing various tools (from keyframe based animations, to handrawn elements).  We also dressed up some wonderful dancers in blue bodysuits to create choreographed silhouettes that were filled with colorful animated patterns. The end result was to this surreal acid-trip that’s fueled by love, which is the central lyric in the song. 

Client: Sony Music Canada
Prod Co: Reactiv
EP: Anna Junger
Directed by: Alon Isocianu
Produced by: Jeremy Hartman
DP: Logan Triplett
AD: Kenneth Arnold Taylor
Steadicam: Orlando Ouguay
Makeup: Misty Fox
Stylist: Joelle Litt
Lead animators: Jarett Lee Sitter , Dele Nuga , Gerardo Gutierrez
VFX & Additional animations by Jacob Doforno , Bert McKinley , Alon Isocianu @ Reactiv
VFX intern: Natalie Schaefer
Post producer: Anna Junger
Ria Mae Ooh Love