Set to the energetic vocals of Serena Ryder's, 'Electric Love', this music video is a visual assault on the eyes that is equal parts psychedelic and design-candy. Drawing from the artwork from her new album, 'UTOPIA', the video takes us on a hypnotic trip through a bizarre wormhole of surreal geometric shapes and fantastical environments. We travel through worlds of sleek metallic forms, natural elements, hypnotic neon lights and colourful abstract backdrops. We pass through portals of ever-evolving triangular forms, revealing the unique faces of individuals singing along to Serena's anthem. Shots of these individuals expressing their energy to the sound of Serena's voice, are spliced together to the beat of the song. As the video progresses, the energy levels mirror that of a romance so intense and emotionally-charged, it cannot be restrained.
Production Co: reactiv 
Director: Alon Isocianu
Exec Prod: Anna Junger
Producer: Katie Nolan
PM: Katy Maravala

DP: Pasha Patriki
1st AD: Nick Edwards
2nd AD: Landon Ramirez
1st AC: Jurek Osterfeld
2nd AC: Roman Korbut
Gaffer: Chuck Warren
Best Boy Electric: Dominique Girouard
Key Grip: Nick Coffin
Best Boy Grip: Dominique Girouard
Key PA: Levi Shillum
PA: Kristina Loschiavo, Adrianna Mendoza, Amber Haggett, Monica Meng
Hair & Makeup: Jessica Panetta, Andi Clifford
Wardrobe Stylist: Barb Cardoso
Stylist Assistant: Nadine Ellison

Post & VFX: reactiv
3D Design & Animation: Alon Isocianu, Jacob Doforno, Bert Mckinley, Justin Gundlock
Compositors: Alon Isocianu, Jacob Doforno, Bert Mckinley, Justin Gundlock, Janet Mac
Editor: Alon Isocianu


Miles Faber, Alex Crenian, Lizzie Peirce, Andrew Healey, Angelo Rob, Lauren Wymant, Adam Joseph, Tanya Karn, Meghan Frayne, MJ Cyr, Onna Chan, Jonah Freedman, Erik Jorgensen, Sam Jensen, Deanna Foster, Shi Thomas, Nicki Iskander, Ariel D, Yui Ugai, Kelsey Lynn, Mattie Driscoll, Carley Macisaac, Sidney Herauf, Corey Wadden, Nate Hudson, Nicky Nasrallah, Bert Mckinley, Alex Nursall, Kat Lat, Katherine Clark, Pasha Patriki