We love our Toronto Raptors, so we made this teaser for the upcoming 2016/2017 Season. It’s a passion project, and being such big Raps fans, we were excited to try and distill that passion into a powerful hype spot. Last season the Raptors reached new heights but eventually fell in the Eastern Conference Finals.  This year, despite having climbed higher than before, it seemed the summit of the NBA mountain has become higher than ever. 

They say the air gets thinner at the top…that it gets darker and it gets colder the higher you climb. We won’t go gently into that good night, we’re not afraid of heights...and we surely don’t mind the cold.

Set against the words from Dylan Thomas’ poem “Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night”, this teaser unleashes a hyper stylized flurry of abstract vignettes, representing the unwavering fight that the Raptors will bring to not only survive, but thrive against the punishing conditions of an icy summit. Detailed hyperrealistic visuals include a frozen basketball shattering into a million pieces, a maze within an icy cave, the growling of a husky (call back to Toronto’s roots), frosty arena lights extinguishing, and a polar mountain peak that signifies championship goals. These images are haunting; terrifying yet beautiful. A voiceover speaks the words of perseverance, battle and rebellion against the night, against defeat, against the doubters, against the dying of the light. The montage of images ends with the very same glacial mountain top, so high that it is enveloped by clouds. Atop the summit now waves a flag. We The North. 
The piece took 3 motion design artists roughly 2 weeks to complete.  We used Cinema4D R18 to model and animate the 3D scenes, and rendered them using Octane 3.00 Renderer.   We then composited all the scenes in After Effects to create the finished piece.
Creative Studio: reactiv 
Director: Alon Isocianu
Exec Prod: Anna Junger
Producer: Angela Holmes
3D Animators: Alon Isocianu, Jacob Doforno, Bert Mckinley
Compositors: Alon Isocianu, Jacob Doforno, Bert Mckinley
Editor: Alon Isocianu

Audio Production: TA2 
Audio Director: Frank Rast
Engineer: Slater Groves
Music: Steve Gadsden
VO Talent: Shawne Jackson