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While I'm Here - Title Animation

We were approached by our good friends at Foster Visuals to conceive and create an opening title sequence for their new series of documentary shorts. The films centre around personal stories of local heroes who are leaving behind powerful legacies in their communities. The idea behind the films is to document, commemorate and celebrate their legacy while these individuals are still here to tell their story. This project is a very personal one for director Brent Foster, and so we welcomed the challenge to create something that felt grand yet also intimate and heartfelt. After much creative development and experimentation, we arrived at a simple yet powerful visual; A series of highly detailed moving portraits of these heroes, like moments frozen in time, that are illuminated by the very landscapes they inhabit. Their life stories are represented in the character of their facial features - immortalized in suspended animation as they are enveloped by light emanating from the world that they helped shape.
When brainstorming concepts for the While I'm Here title sequence we were very inspired by the unique visual storytelling throughout the series. We wanted the title sequence to reflect this and focus on the individuals profiled in the series along with the landscapes on which their stories unfold. We decided to use use high res production stills to create a camera mapped 3D model of each subjects face. For Apo Whang-Od (the woman features in the Last Mamabatok episode) we were able to get a 3D scan of her face using a Structure 3D Scanner. Since the previous episodes had already been shot before we had conceived this creative approach, we had to create models to match photographs of the subjects for those episodes. Onto these models (both scanned and hand-modeled) we projected landscape aerial footage from the documentary. The result is a nostalgic feeling of the subjects frozen in time reflecting on their legacy. 
These are some of our initial references for the projection look - Including a camera mapping and projection test we tried as a proof of concept.

Another concept we played around with was a more graphical one.  Playing with geometric shapes inhabiting the stunning aerial cinematography.
In addition to the animated title sequence, we also designed the logo for the series.  
Here is an exploration of some of the ideas we had for the logo design.

Creative Director: Alon Isocianu
Lead 3D Animator: Bert Mckinley
Compositors: Bert Mckinley & Alon Isocianu
End Credits Animator: Jacob Doforno
Producer: Anna Junger

Client: Foster Visuals
Director: Brent Foster
Visit the official site to watch all the full episodes:
While I'm Here - Title Animation

While I'm Here - Title Animation

Opening title for the documentary series While I'm Here