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    An interactive music video for Lissie, driven by live weather data.
Our interactive video for Cuckoo allowed viewers to choose any location on the globe and see Lissie and her band perform in the live weather conditions for that location.
The project used the Google Maps API, a live weather feed from the BBC and (optional) HTML5 geo-location. We located the viewer, grabbed the current weather and displayed Lissie playing her track "Cuckoo" in those conditions.
Users could also manually choose any location by simply dragging the map. A cheeky moustachioed weatherman introduced the weather in the location before cutting to Lissie and the band.
We shot 5 different types of weather in camera, with live weather effects including a giant fan, a sprinkler, a snow machine, and a rain bar, and used no post production.
The "weather" video was a unique and charming piece of content that showcased Lissie's talent online and gave potential fans a great reason to check her out.
Creative Directors: Phil Clandillon & Steve Milbourne
Creatives: Luke Wicker & Wilf Eddings
Producer: Simon Poon Tip
Developers: Omar Malik & Silke Jahn