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    An experiment to create a huge game of Guitar Hero played with footballs. Created for Kasabian and UK sports brand Umbro.
Football Hero was an experiment to create a Guitar Hero or Rock Band type game played with footballs. We constructed the game in a warehouse in West London, and drafted in a talented young team of freestyle footballers to play. The project was created to promote the Kasabian single Underdog, and was carried out in collaboration with UK sports brand Umbro.
The game was powered by the open source Guitar Hero clone Frets On Fire, and we used two enormous projectors to create a three story high image on the side of the warehouse wall. The coloured buttons on the typical guitar controller were replaced by five huge pressure sensitive pads which were carefully positioned on the wall in order to line up with the game's descending notes.
Each of the game's pads contained a piezoelectric vibration sensor, and these were wired back to an Arduino, which in turn was connected to the MacBook Pro we used to run the software. The footballers had to try to hit the pads in time with the music in order to play the Kasabian track Underdog.
The players found the game pretty tough at first, but they gradually got into the rhythm of things, and by the end of the day were racking up some respectable scores. The game itself proved to be really addictive, and in between practice sessions and takes the entire crew was playing.
Kasabian are synonymous with football in the UK, and Underdog has also been used on the Sony Bravia ad featuring Brazil and AC Milan superstar Kaka. Watch the behind the scenes video below to find out some more in depth technical info on how we built the game.
Football Hero won the Advertising Campaign category at the Media Guardian Innovation awards, beating out opposition from big budget players like Honda and the UK Government's anti knife crime campaign. The project went on to win awards, commendations and nominations at the LIAs, Creative Circle, D&AD and many more.
Client: Columbia Records UK
Creative Directors: Phil Clandillon & Steve Milbourne
Producer: Simon Poon Tip / PTE Media