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    Poplings is a unique educational app for pre-school children that combines child friendly & original pop music hits with early years learning.
Poplings is an educational 3D video game for pre-school children that combines pop music, education and entertainment. It's available to purchase from Google Play and the iOS App Store.
Poplings features brother and sister Tempo and Midi, Scratch the dog and an extended cast of their family and friends. At the core of the game are educational challenges where players must ‘pop’ the characters into different shapes and states to progress through the story. The education aspects of Poplings are based on the UK Early Years Curriculum and have been developed in collaboration with Bernadette Duffy OBE at the Thomas Corum Centre London.
These puzzles are linked together with sections of exciting platforming action in beautifully rendered landscapes.
Collecting enough of the "beats" scattered around the levels will unlock the Sound Factory bonus level where children can make their character dance while watching the Poplings craft the song.
Parents purchase story packs which feature narrative-driven levels and a selection of original pop hits.

The Poplings characters and world were brought to life by BAFTA Award winning designer and illustrator Amadine Pecharman. 
The game's educational puzzles were developed in conjunction with Bernadette Duffy OBE, Vice President of the British Association for Early Childhood, along with the teachers and children at The Thomas Coram School in Camden - a centre of excellence for pre-school education in the UK.

Poplings launched in 2014 with a world-wide feature from Apple.
Creative Directors: Phil Clandillon & Steve Milbourne
Art Director: Amandine Pecharman
Executive Producer: Simon Poon Tip
Producer: Sophie Yeoman
3D Artist: Jon Botros
Animators: Tammy Smith & Friska Bako
Developers: Chris Bell, Aris Tsevrenis, George Kanellopoulos