Crown Royal XR Heritage Blend
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Barrel Top for XR Heritage Blend - 01
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Blacksmith - The Paddock
Horse Shoes - The Paddock
Muddy jockey - The Winners Circle
Saddle - The Paddock
Race Googles - Jockeys Room
Riding Boots - The Jockeys Room
The Silks - Jockeys Room
Race Preparation - Jockeys Room
Well groomed
Leading Out
The Off - Churchill Downs

The Start - Churchill Downs
Finish Line - Churchill Downs
Crown Royal XR Heritage Blend

One of the first ever commissions for the newly formed New Cruelty came in the early summer of 2007. TNC founder James Bareham was commissioned by Diageo US to capture the creation of two unique, very special bottles of Crown Royal Extra Rare Heritage Blend whisky - one of which was to be presented to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II during her first ever visit the Kentucky Derby.

James photographed Casey Hyland, master glass designer at The Glassworks in Louisville, as he created one of the two custom glass decanters. James also documented the burnishing of the barrel top by Troy Brady, a local master pyrographer (great job title), and was also charged with documenting the behind-the-scenes at Churchill Downs in the lead up to the race itself.

The 2007 Kentucky Derby weekend was a particular muddy affair, which made for very some interesting pictures and produced a broad body of work that was as much focused on the craft of the horse race, as it was on the craft of making of the bottles.

Client: Diageo US
Visual Creative Director / Photographer: James Bareham
Retouching: The New Cruelty

Crown Royal XR Heritage Blend

Crown Royal XR Heritage Blend

A photographic essay to capture the true beauty and artistry of the creation of a bespoke hand-blown whisky bottle created for the Queen of Engla Read More

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