Crown Royal Whisky
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Lake Winnipeg
Whisky samples
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Checking the grain for freshness
Checking the grain for texture
Preparing a tasting sample
Gimli Barrelman
Ageing Room
Gimli Distillery Fire Dept.
Aging barrels
Filling the barrels
Forklift driver
Stacked for aging
Master Blender
Assessing the final blend
The final product
Crown Royal Whisky

Located on the shores of Lake Winnipeg in Manitoba, Canada, the Gimli distillery is the home of Crown Royal whisky (spelt with without the 'e' as it's Canadian). Photographer James Bareham and art director Lane Mott came together to document the various stages of the whisky distilling process –– and to capture portraits of the employee's who make it.

The one day shoot was a virtual walk through of the entire process, from the delivery and selection of the grain, to the malting, milling, mashing and fermentation of the whisky. The team shot portraits of the tasters, the barrel men, the master blender and the master distiller - as well as landscapes and details of both the distillery and the surrounding countryside.
The resulting images were used for a bespoke direct mail piece, as well as in other print and digital.

The images formed a foundation of a creative visual style for Crown Royal that was carried forward to a second shoot which documented the creation of one of three glass decanters for a very limited edition of Crown Royal Extra Rare. This bottle was created for HM Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and presented to her at the 2007 Kentucky Derby.

Client: Diageo US
Art Director: Lane Mott
Photographer: James Bareham
Retouching: The New Cruelty
Crown Royal Whisky

Crown Royal Whisky

A photographic essay of the people and the process behind the making of Crown Royal Whisky––shot on location at the Gimli distillery in the heart Read more
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