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    Self-initiated sketchbook drawing
Built upon City Drawing 1, this drawing was an attempt at a nicer rendering and composition via better pre-planning, sketching, focus on visual flow, and light/dark balance. As with the previous drawing, nothing here is from photo reference. Most of the buildings and structures were inspired by actual ones seen alongside the Washington, DC Metro, the Long Island Expressway, and the Delmarva Peninsula (as well as the tanks at the DogFishHead Brewery in Milton, Delaware). Everything else is strictly from imagination. All final redering was done with Sakura Pigma Micron pens, with minor errors covered by white acrylic paint before retouching. This was drawn into a 5" x 8" sketchbook, with the edges of the paper covered with white artist tape. At no point was a ruler used in the rendering, though plenty of coffee was consumed in the process.
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