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    Illustrations, lots of kids books and assorted wedding announcements
(Rachel Boysenberry is my artist name).
1. Article Title: 'The Price of Death'; concerning how funeral homes rip off grieving clients because they can.
2. Article Title: The Big Apple Goes Organic; concerning how health food stores were appearing in Manhattan. (I'm dating myself here, that was a loooong time ago.)
3. Article Title: How to Flatten the Nose; an article about useless contraptions that we buy.
The Sedona Winefest commissioned me to do their first signature painting to represent the 2012 Winefest. They requested vineyards in front of Coffeepot Rock (a well known rock formation, and one of the prominent views from the festival grounds). 
Jamie commissioned an image for collateral materials sold at his concerts (T-shirts, etc).
Darren and Marie wanted a simple black and white drawing of their dog and cat on their invite and announcement. We went for color on the thankyou postcard. I especially like that the cat looked slightly peeved (at the veil she has to wear), which was exactly Marie's attitude.
Camille wanted animals, lots of animals, a childlike style, and of course her kitties on her invite.
They're my friends. They wanted a personal crest for their wedding plates.