Kavi is a professional classical guitarist. I think this one speaks for itself. 
Sedona Women's Institute wanted an image that was all about women, freedom, celebration, integrity, creativity, and how to make create a life and make dreams come true in the second half of a women's life. We worked together intensely to create this logo, which was the basis for the entire identity (website, biz card, letterhead & envelope, etc.
Villegas Landscape, an established and highly respected landscaping firm catering to most of the resorts in the Sedona area wanted rich earth tones, elegance and the leaf. We went through countless variations on this theme; Joe Villegas was very happy with this one.
Philosophy in the Public Interest, PPI, was created by Andrea Houchard, a philosophy professor at Northern Arizona University. It has become wildly successful, with forums, discussion groups, salons, etc held almost weekly in Arizona and around the country. (A forum is essentially a venue where people can come together to discuss divisive issues in a civil manner). 
Andrea wanted a logo that harkened back to Ancient Greece and the roots of philosophy, that was also modern, clean and artistic. There is a series of five related sub-logos, which utilize the column image with different colors and fonts (see the 'Philosophy in the Public Interest' project), representing the various venues PPI covers.
The Sedona Philosophy Circle is the new brainchild of Andrea Houchard, based on the success of the PPI program. She wanted a logo that was simpler, more 'corporate' and reminiscent of the PPI logo. I used the phi – the "I" running through a circle, the Ancient Greek symbol for philosophy, enclosed by a triangle, (the Greek symbol for wisdom,).... thus 'philosophy encased by wisdom'. The background and font are the unifying elements between the two logos, but obviously can be discarded when not needed, the symbol is the thing here.
A highly regarded property investment firm... the request was for purple, gold and a cityscape; classy and clean and corporate.
The Golden Circle Club. The request was for DSW, exclusive and wealthy. Incidently the CEO of DSW is named Golden, giving this a nice double entendre.
Elizabeth McFarland is a successful lawyer based in Sedona, AZ. The rock image is 'courthouse rock', a large rock formation she could see from her office window, and wanted as her logo.
Matthew McClellan of Guerrilla Marketing wanted a gorilla, with a loading symbol as a tat on his arm. (Matthew is also a website designer). He wanted simple, unique, strong and utterly outside of the box, just like successful guerrilla marketing.
And the Global Guerrilla logo... this logo and the one above can be either red on white, white on red, with or without a background or frame.
Or simply the wordmark, which can be 'stamped' across anything.
Healthy.net wanted a logo that symbolized health and caring. This mark that can be read as both an apple and a heart did the trick. 
Java Love Cafe... a coffee cup, with steam in the shape of a heart.
Get it?
M&I Bank wanted a subsidiery logo with a shooting star in it for an honors program they were initiating for their employees. Obviously it had to relate to the M&I logo. I worked hard to create a shooting star that wasn't tacky.
RTH Publishing. (Red Tailed Hawk). The client wanted it to read traditional, corporate, books and unique.
The Zazu Band plays gypsy jazz, with at least 2 guitarists, a bassist and a violinist. The music is lively and fun. They wanted their logo to represent this alive, wild and abandoned style of music.
Stephanie Larsen and Lisa Snowden wanted a logo that was feminine,corporate, professional and spoke of wealth and success to represent their very successful, high end business and appeal to corporations and businesses in Northern Arizona.
The Savvy Pet is a new company specializing in high end pet furniture. They wanted a classy, upscale, yet friendly logo.
Sedona Live is a musician's collective created by and for musicians and the public, that held weekly live concerts, poetry readings, theatre performances, and a variety of events, in an effort to bring live music and theatre to Sedona at an affordable price. Highly successful, they began a youth orchestra, and wanted a wild, modern and playful script logo to symbolize their artistry and to appeal to youth. 
Next came the logo for 'the Annex', an additional outdoor area where Sedona Live held outdoor concerts, festivals, etc in the summer months.
Quality Construction moved from Dana Point, Ca to Sedona AZ. They wanted their initials in masculine colors that read solid, established, trustworthy and professional, in a novel format that would appeal to a high end clientele looking for remodels. 
Pop Goes Vivaldi is a venue offering a synthisis of pop and classical music. Check out the lute; it's a Gibson electric. I have to point this out because no one notices, which I consider a somewhat backhanded compliment to my photoshop expertise.
Stepanie Larsen wanted a modern, classic, strong and elegant logo, in bronze and black that would appeal to her upper class clientele and represent her highly successful interior design firm.
Jeffrey Gross wanted spirituality, masculine, massage. A logo that gave the message of the unification of the body, mind and spirit.
Lakota Grace, PhD, a Sedona psychologist, used a sunflower as her to represent her business. She wanted this translated into a logo to appeal primarily to women, her main clientele. We decided on a hand drawn abstract depiction of a sunflower, (which would make sure it wasn't hopelessly cliche). 

A logo for the Music on the Mesa, outdoor music performances on Airport Mesa, Sedona AZ, under the stars... (Surrounded by the fabulous red rock formations of Sedona).

Sweet Dreams Organics wanted a leaf, simple and green, that would double as a product label. They have an organic bedding line, including a number of products, mattresses, pillows, sheets, etc. The product title (in this case "Mattresses") will change according to the item.
Puerto Rico Tax Benefits wanted a lighhearted logo that said:
"Fun in the sun on the beach in Puerto Rico with your sweetheart with not a care in the world because you've invested your money with us, interest is pouring in and you don't have to pay taxes on it so you are now rich and living the good life."
Barbara Copenhaver wanted a memorable logo that would appeal primarily to women, including sacred geometry, blues, greens, golds, and a hand drawn line image that signified fitness for both the body and mind. Voila.
Yours truly
Logo for St Benedict Classical Catholic School. The logo was done in 3 styles for assorted applications: B&W, flat color and full color

This logo, for Tre Visio Productions was a challenge... I was given an assortment of images and colors and was quite pleased with the final result, I managed to put it all together as a cohesive whole. They love it.


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