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    THIS is what I do; large scale paintings and murals done over the years.
       "Boulder", 25' x 6'. Acrylic on beetle kill wood slats. This mural was done for the Main Branch of Elevations CU in Boulder CO. I won a mural contest in the early spring of 2016 
       and this is the result.
        Installation. The beetle kill wood was a challenge.
       'Boynton Canyon' 4' x 7', acrylic on wood panels, private collection.This is one of the murals I did when I won a grant from the City of Sedona to continue 
       to explore a new technique I created for the HGTV mural (below); creating large scale acrylic pieces in a watercolor style.
       'Iris', 7 1/2' x 4', acrylic on wood panels, private collection. Another mural done for the City of Sedona Grant project. Again, acrylic on wood panel in a watercolor style,
                                                            'Light at Palenque', 3 1/2'  x 4', acrylic on wood panel, private collection. 
                                                            A 3rd mural done for the City of Sedona grant project.
         'Lago di Erico', 4' x 12', acrylic on 3 wood panels, private collection.
         This mural was part of a winning proposal for 'HGTV'S Landscapers Challenge'. It was painted and installed in 2009. I had to create a new technique in acrylics to paint thi                  mural, as acrylics don't particularly lend themselves to a watercolor style of painting. I subsequently received a Professional Artists Grant from the City of Sedona to explore 
         and develop this technique - shown above.
                                               Lago di Erico, installed
                                                                           'Eland Passage', 6' x 7', acrylic on canvas, collection Ringing Rocks Foundation, Sedona AZ.
                                                                           One of 3 wall hangings created for their Bushman Art Exhibit.
                                                                          'Elands and Dancers', 6' x 7', acrylic on canvas, collection Ringing Rocks Foundation, Sedona AZ.
                                                                          Second of 3 wall hangings created for their Bushman Art Exhibit.
                                                                                                           'Shaman', 2 1/2'' x 8 1/2', acrylic on canvas, collection
                                                                                                           Ringing Rocks Foundation, Sedona AZ.
                                                                                                           Third of 3 wall hangings created for their
                                                                                                            Bushman Art Exhibit.
                                                                      'Quail Ceiling', acrylic on ceiling, private commission. Quails run around the top of the wall, with sky and clouds
                                                                       behind them; done in a Renaissance' style.
                                                                           'Quail Ceiling' detail
                                                                           'Quail Ceiling' detail
                                                                                  'Katheryn's Arty Tub', acylic on bathtub. Private commission by the same clients
                                                                                   as Quail Ceiling...  a fabulous tub with a view!
                                          'Swans', 8 'x 8' acrylic on 2 wood panels, commissioned by Mystical Bazaar...(to hide the back room and give the store more depth.)
                                                                                          'Swans' pre-installation
                                                          'Vines', approx 6' x 6', acrylic on wall. Private commission to help offset the dead space to the right of the door. .
          See what I mean?
             "Erie" 12.5' x 5' mural, acrylic on wood panel, Nov 2016, Collection Krogers 
             The view of the Front Range (Rocky Mountains) from Erie Colorado, with the morning balloons. Done for the King Soopers' new superstore in Erie, Colorado.
                       Installed, (with a close-up of my paints).