Catalogs, Brochures, Package Design & Related Printwork
L.O.V.E. Cups are high-end artisan chocolate cups, with assorted toppings and flavors. The cacao beans are ground on-site, the chocolates are scrumptious. L.O.V.E. Cups wanted something that reflected this and harkened to the growing process; thus the colors and the cacao pods illustration on the sides of the package. (The package colors are the colors of cacao pods at various stages of ripeness).
These needed to stand out in a sea of artisan chocolates at large grocery stores. The color combo of the packages is pleasing, and calls the eye when seen lined up – which is how they would be displayed.
The biggest challenge of Open Studios was to give the impression of 29 artists' work being exhibited without putting the artwork of any one artist on the cover. (Because the other 28 artists would lynch me. The other solution would be to have all 29 artists' work on the cover, which would be a cluttered disaster).
I solved this by creating an 'arty' background. 
The second challenge was to take 14 paintings that had to be displayed in a certain order based on location and harmonize the colors. Again, the poured watercolor backgrounds did the trick.