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    An Assortment of books
Epis Press publishes highly intellectual books on philosophy, mediation, etc. I am their senior designer. This book is part of a series, (the first two not my design), the ones following this one will be related by a similar cover painting (my work) in a different color scheme, with a similar but different text treatment.
Cover Design and painting for Epis Press.
'Experiencing God's Reflection' is the culmination of Master Lyn Dilbeck's many years practicing martial arts, and the spiritual ramifications of his practice, which are far beyond the physical. He wanted the book design to convey spirituality, silence, martial arts, This was the first in a series of three books done for him, this, the overview on the energetic basis of Qi Gong.
Photography, illustration and book design by moi. 
The second book in Master Lyn's series is a workbook. The feeling requested was martial arts, directness, practicality as this book is an instructional manual.
Photography, illustration and book design by moi. 
The third book in Master Lyn's series is also a workbook, again, the feeling requested was martial arts, directness, practicality.
Photography, illustration and book design by moi. 
Trust, Patience, Surrender, a true story of one man's unusual journey through life, guided by forces much greater than himself. Kevin Westrich wanted the design to include a red-tailed hawk and Sedona, and to imply spirituality and 'a good read'. The cover illustration was a major photoshop job, a montage of both photographs and watercolor paintings to get the exact color and feel of what Westrich was after.
Cover design for Sue Relihan
The Metamorphosis Workbook, an addition to the original story created at the request of Sue Relihan's clients.
Body Love Food Peace, cover and interior, a book about not dieting. Terri created this at the request of her clients, a wonderful, simple,
10-step book on how to get away from the insanity of dieting, get healthy and lose weight. 
Design (cover and interior) and layout for a coffetable style book published by Masters Press.
A two volume set of poetry and paintings by Lucy George.
Pete Schroeder wanted the cover image to convey the fact that you can create whatever movie you want out of your life, as rich and varied as you can imagine. Pete chose a painting of Tuscany (mine) as Tuscany holds the place of 'paradise on earth' in the collective mind of the western world. That, the movie house entry and a bit of photoshop became the cover for the book.
This is self evident... yummy pie recipes.
A selection of books done for Rebel Press in the late 80's, early 90's.
Neil McClure needed a cover and a quick tidying up for his book. He wanted the cover background image to be an actual photo of the post-it notes he took over the years (of his quotes) which ultimately led to this book.