Hello Humankindness :)
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Eleven Inc. is a San Francisco(CA) agency that asked us to develop and produce 18 clips starting from 18 words representing Dignity Health approach to health care (Dignity Health is a California-based not-for-profit public benefit corporation that operates hospitals and ancillary care facilities [wiki]).
The acronym of those 18 words reads H E L L O H U M A N K I N D N E S S on kindvines.org home page to launch a Vine “contest” asking users to upload their interpretation of the same theme we developed in our clips.
Each word reveal a theme expressed by sentences, all pivoting around human kindness to reflect and focus on the importance of those tiny charming gestures that positively affect our daily life.
Given conditions to respect were to fit Vineish style: square format and 6” clip length.
We chose to strengthen and give coherence by sketching each storyboard and filming clips with simple settings, pale tones, easy gestures, in-camera only “special” FX and minimal sound design.
It has been a great fun and a little tricky but great experience to work with the 9-hours-time-zone behind guys at Eleven. [;)]
Enjoy and share these actions!
H – Hello. Greet someone. Connect with a stranger.
E – Encourage. Give someone encouragement.
Show them you care.
L – Laugh. Make someone laugh. Hard.
L – ‘Likes’. Don’t click ‘like’. Say it!
O – Old friends. Reconnect with someone from your past.
H – Help. Give someone a hand. Help them out.
U – Up to you.
Random. Anything at all showing kindness. Your call.
M – Make it happen.
Make someone’s wish or dream come true.
A – Animals. Show kindness for or with animals.
N – Nice. Create something nice.
Make the world beautiful.
K – Kindness ambush! The kind gesture
from out of nowhere.
I – Improve. Take something existing. Make it better.
N – Nature. Show the Earth some kindness.
D – Dance. With someone. Just dance.
N – Neighborhood. Be kind to your neighbors
or your block.
E – Express gratitude.
Thank someone who deserves it in a big way.
S – Sing. Serenade, sing randomly, just belt it out.
S – Seniors. They deserve kindness.
So make someone’s day.
Hello Humankindness — How we did it in 6 seconds
Hello Humankindness — How we did it in more than 6 seconds
Agency: Eleven Inc. San Francisco – California
Chief Creative Officer: Mike McKay
Creative director: Bryan Houlette
Associate creative director/Art director: Ricard Valero
Associate creative director/Writer: Dan Hofstadter
Director of Social Media: Maura Tuohy
Sr Integrated Producer: Jeff Macke
Produced & directed by Happycentro in Verona – Italy
Set & props design: Federico Padovani, Milena Tipaldo, Federico Galvani
Director of photography: Federico Padovani
Editing & compositing: Milena Tipaldo
Sound design: 
Music: Lullatone (special thanks for their kind collaboration, we love them)
Many thanks to The Snail (now it’s free like a bird!)
Hello Humankindness :)

Hello Humankindness :)

We designed and filmed 18 clips based on 18 words whose acronym reads HELLOHUMANKINDNESS. Each word is narrated by a 6" clip with an overall pale Read more
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