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Simply Cooking Oil  - Packaging Redesign
For many years of experience, Simply has built a solid history of quality; the Simply products cooking oil is part of the Vietnamese daily lives.


Bratus collaborated with Simply to redesign packaging cooking oil in Vietnam to build up brand identity, improving shelf display and brand loyalty.
The packaging needed to stand out on the shelf and sit well in an elegant kitchen environment.
With Simply, we wanted to avoid having them look over the posh, exclusive but instead friendly, modern for mass market and affordable character.

Before Design Packaging System

Brand concept

The brand concept “Nature extract” is inspired by the brand value. The image also reflects that the origin and advanced nutrition of Simply oils are the essential elements to nurture your hearts and everybody's.

Design strategy

The packaging has been designed to highlight the distinctiveness of the series, which delivers the message of purity and health.
The key visual is inspired by the oil drops and the surface movements recalling the oil flow and mixing clean illustration with organic details that visually transmits concept. Product origin represents the collection of nutritious factors.
Inside, the oil drop was purposely used for the refractions and reflections created by the transparency of the oil inside it.
The design is also well enhanced with the cleanliness of the overall layout with their transparent space and content were placed in areas bordered by drop shapes.
For the various products, we selected the color palette of different colorways for the two varieties of oil: Yellow for the rice oil and blue for the Soybean oil.

Client: Calofic 
Brand: Simply
Design Firm: Bratus Agency 
Creative Director: Jimmi Tuan 
Senior Graphic Designer: Si Tran, Alex Dang, Nguyen X. Hoang
Illustration Landscape: Duc Bui
Showcase / Animation: Khoa Nguyen
Product Set / DI: Jimmi Tuan 
Account Director: Quyen Tran
Project Manager: Hien Nguyen

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