Coffilia - Roasted

Coffilia is a roasted high-quality artisanal coffee product from Minh Tien Coffee. The aim is to bring up the original coffee flavor and honor the culture and enthusiasm of people growing coffee in the Northwest mountains of Vietnam.
The key point has been creating attractive packaging and reflecting the Minh Tien Coffee brand positioning. A premium product that shows that Coffilia is a luxury coffee roasted that makes things different from the market competition and increasingly competitive 'third wave' coffee roasting movement and as an opportunity to create its own territory and build a new benchmark brand.
The target audiences spanned from young people types all the way to older who were love coffee fans.

Field research 
Location: Son La Province, Đien Bien Province (A province in the Northwest region of Vietnam)

The design concept reflects cultures hiding in the misty mountains of northwest ethnic groups that represent farming coffee areas to express the hidden values inside every coffee bean and cup which are enjoyed in daily life from around the world.

The graphic is created by the elements of brocade motifs on the indigenous people’s costumes, processed into an applied pattern for the coffee bag. The outer wrapping layer recalls the feeling of the misty mountains from the Northwest by the use of tracing paper.
The packaging is designed with two colors theme corresponding to the Origin arabica and arabica blend lines.

Purposefully using materials cultural from the ethnic groups coffee farming, our design solution helps connect the coffee drinking experience with stories of local culture by reminding the origin of the coffee beans and spreading the value of cultural heritage for consumers.
The resulting package design establishes a sophisticated, modern, and high-class Coffilia sub-brand for Minh Tien Coffee that supports continuing the evolution of its brand.

Client: Minh Tien Group.    Branding Agency: Bratus.    Creative Director: Jimmi Tuan. 
Senior Designer: Nguyen X. Hoang, Si Tran, Alex Dang.    Project Director: Hien Nguyen.    
Photography: Marc Tran - MAKI Studio.

Coffilia - Roasted