Coffilia - Instant 3 in 1


Limited Edition Packaging 

Coffilia is an instant coffee packaging with limited edition packaging that delivers the melodic and beautiful mountainous landscape of coffee farms. This is also connecting the customer’s emotions with the highland beauty as well as minor authority’s lives and cultures Vietnam's northwest region.

The natural northwest region. Mountainous wonder is described by the panorama 360° illustration wrapping around the packaging. 
This artwork promotes the authentic and multi-sided experience, entertains customers, and boosts their energy to start their new journey. And also reflect scenes and images from the local culture in a vibrant and modern way.

Coffilia is an excellent functional product and artwork, bringing a beautiful landscape piece that can decorate your space.
The boxes presented here are the souvenir limited edition packaging and are perfect gifts from Coffilia. 


Client: Minh Tien Coffee 
Branding Agency: Bratus
Creative Director: Jimmi Tuan 
Senior Designer: Nguyen X. Hoang, Si Tran, Alex Dang
Illustration: Duc Bui 
Project Manager: Hien Nguyen

Coffilia - Instant 3 in 1