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ITBIZ - Viral agency

I T B I Z 
Corporate visual identity

An identity empowered by social media interactions

With the biggest Multimedia Digital Ecosystem in Vietnam, ITBIZ has become one of the top viral marketing agencies offering digital services and media solutions. ITBIZ’s mission is to strengthen their client’s brand awareness, online marketing competition and customer loyalty by creative strategies and social media contents.


ITBIZ approached us to redefine their brand platform and improve brand equity after 
two-year operating in the viral marketing industry. Although working as a viral marketing agency, ITBIZ’s previous identity didn’t fit their creativity and powerful online services. 
As the company grew quickly, the visual identity lacks good user experience and strong consumer comprehension. That’s why ITBIZ needed a new identity refreshment to 
re-energize the system, build up a bold lively company culture and also move towards the top viral marketing foundation in Vietnam. Since online marketing today is saturated, it is our big challenge to form a smart brand strategy along with a flexible, interesting and bold visual platform for ITBIZ.

Our Approach

The team came up with several ideas to refine ITBIZ brand. The first step of the process was to define the brand purpose to understand “Why” the brand exists. As ITBIZ main service is to sell creative viral marketing solutions with huge influencer community, its brand association and characteristics are specifically smart, passionate, dynamic and high interactive. Following these features, we shaped out the emotional visual language with the vibrant color palette, interactive logo and key visual with chat bubble and hashtags. Clear messages and storytelling in viral marketing also added enthusiasms and playful spirit to the brand identity.

“We form a strong bond with our clients to comprehend better their purpose and expectations”

Logo Concept

The logomark is designed from the initials I and B from the brand name. The initial I stands for social information, a user and also influencers, with the stylized chat bubble on top representing the storytelling and social interaction. Moreover, the negative space between initial I and B articulates the plus mark determining the connection of values, increasing user attraction and viral results. The logomark is also flexible in use while the chat bubble may scale in motion to pronounce different messages from the brand.

"We endeavored to create an key visual identity that captures brand value with a strong vision of the future"

“The visual platform connects and presents better the social media and viral marketing by different iconic elements: chat bubble, creative messages, and hashtags”


Instead of looking for the visual differences, we endeavor to reflect the brand platform in a clear hierarchy with relatable and flexible identity system including visual graphics, typography, motion technology, enthusiastic verbal languages, and constant experiments. We always stay with our clients to ensure the best exposure of the brand ITBIZ.

ITBIZ - Viral agency

ITBIZ - Viral agency

ITBIZ - An identity empowered by social media interactions With the biggest Multimedia Digital Ecosystem in Vietnam, ITBIZ has become one of the Read More