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Incentex - Visual identity

i n c e n t e x 

Story of the "Line'  

Incentex has been a trusted aviation supplier for 20 years in the industry, focusing on high-quality products covering above and below-wing uniforms, safety gear, first-aid supplies, personal protective equipment, ramp, GSE, etc. Their main clients include airlines, ground handling and cargo providers, FBOs, MROs, and 
airport service companies.


Their previous Visual identity and a lack of clarity around their brand strategy and message were limiting their ambition in the growth market.
Our challenge was to transforms what makes Incentex attract, set it apart from the competition, capture the human connections, create a clear message. That would give the charity a more powerful voice and visible presence and reflect the internal culture they’ve built over 20 years.


Using Incentex strategic foundation as inspiration, we defined a purposeful brand concept: The story of Line; it speaks to aviation supply support connect the world by every flight, a core organizing thought that Incentex stands for.
It would drive every aspect of the new brand identity and the center of 
everything we made next.

“The big challenge we had to conquer was to build up a strong message and inspiring lifestyle for the brand and connect Incentex with today's global market.”

Key Visual & Design system

We create a bold, contemporary graphic identity that flexibly adapts to different messages and stories. 
The airline routes are the principal key visual element of the identity
The routes used bylines and typography were connected through all applications to clarify and inspired the concept of “connecting the world.” Moreover, the circle shapes also appeared in the visual system to amplify the brand idea. These graphic elements generated a new minimal, attractive, and strong identity for Incentex.

The result is a compelling, differentiated modern, straightforward experience that positively impacts business conversion.

Brand concept 
Connect the world by 
every flight line"


We create a powerfully simple, highly distinctive, and flexible identity for an exciting future.

"incentex identity is purposefully bold, simple, flexible underpinned by distinctive typography that is clean and direct."

Incentex - Visual identity

Incentex - Visual identity

Incentex has been a trusted aviation supplier for 20 years in the industry, focusing on high- quality products covering above and below-wing unif Read More