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Crazy World - Street Fighter II Parody

Crazy World - Street Fighter II Parody

Crazy World was a weekly TV show produced and aired by the Record TV International channels. It featured crazy internet videos as well as especially created segments to present these video compilations, which were a mix of nonsense and pop culture references to try and get a laugh from its viewers.

I was fortunate enough to be involved in some of its episodes and create a few of these segments, as you can see in the examples below.

Some examples of clips I created for the show

The Street Fighter II Parody was one of the main segments I worked on, and its goal was to be a funny reference to the videogame, with a look and feel that would make its viewers think of the game instantly. 
It took 3-4 days to complete, mainly due to the fact that we had to create sprites for every movement of both presenters and then keyframe them all by hand for the fight scene, as well as create and animate the fighter selection screen and the post-fight end card.   

In the end, it turned out a funny parody, that referred the spectator to the videogame while maintaining the already established quirks of the TV show.

Original Idea & Script: Luís F. de Sousa
Presenters: Luís F. de Sousa, Rita Rosado, Sofia Ferreira, Filipa Sampaio
Special Guest Actors: Fernando Menezes, Iúri Silvestre, Alexandre Queimado, Virgílio Parma, 
Ricardo Maria, Telma Mondim, Gonçalo Almeida, Hugo Branquinho, Mafalda Magrini
Graphics: Hugo Branquinho

Thank you!

Crazy World - Street Fighter II Parody


Crazy World - Street Fighter II Parody