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myke - mytv's robot Mascot Redesign

myke - mytv's robot mascot redesign
In this project, I was required to update the old channel mascot, "myke", and to give it a cleaner and fresher look, to go along with mytv's new branding, which featured bright colors and a flat look, as well as the tagline "CHANGE". This mascot would feature in some short channel ID's, ads, and other types of audiovisual content.

With this in mind, I created some concept art of the new robot that retained some elements of the original, like the presence of the channel colors, the black-and-blue faceplate, the "one-wheel", and its general white color.

With some sleek clean lines, projecting a futuristic look with its new "screen-like" face, which allowed for the display of a wider range of emotions when needed, and representing the new, flashier, colors, that the rebranding introduced, this concept art was approved.

I then proceeded to create a new 3d model based on the concept art, rig it, animate it and introduce it in its first channel ID, "my change".

This promo intended to reflect the change from the old to the new, through the use of the colors as a metaphor for the new branding.

This mascot was then adapted for several uses, like social media promotion, institutional videos, event celebration, etc.

New Year's Celebration - 2020

Valentine's Day - 2019

Valentine's Day - 2018

Instagram promo

Commercial video intro

Most of these projects had to be done in a very short timeframe to meet the client's demands. I was responsible for every step of the creation of these projects, from conception to execution and delivery to the client.

thank you!

myke - mytv's robot Mascot Redesign


myke - mytv's robot Mascot Redesign