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mytv - Channel Rebranding

mytv - Channel Rebranding​​​​​​​
mytv is a uk-based tv channel with a focus on entertainment and news. With a partnership with the DW and France24 channels, its programming consists of a mix of live F24 news, DW entertainment shows, self-created entertainment shows and also dubbed novellas.

With its old branding becoming outdated, a rebranding was deemed necessary. A new logo and color palette were created and provided, with me being responsible for the development of the whole channel identity and on-air graphics

The color palette I was provided

With this refresh in mind, a new campaign was developed focusing on certain keywords, the main one being "change".

With a flat, colorful look adopted for this rebranding, I went ahead and created several daily teasers for the change that was about to happen, to inform the viewer and give him a feel for the new style of the channel. 

One of the countdown teasers for the premiere of the rebranding

After this period, the new rebranding was finally released in the channel, website and all its social medias. Alongside this, the channel mascot also underwent a transformation, and you can learn more about that project here.

The first promo featuring the changed mascot

A general style was defined, templates created and propagated to all the shows present in the network. The full package contains pop-ups, channel & program IDs, vertical schedules, bumpers, etc.

Examples of Pop-ups created for the several shows

Top row: video-based show ID with schedule
Bottom left: Schedule to attach to show promos - Bottom right: Channel Bumper with show promo

Vertical Schedule

Channel Bumper

Due to its partnership with F24, during some hours of the day mytv would broadcast F24's live news. To inform the viewer when this happened, an intro/outro were developed.

Intro / Outro

Another piece of the channel package, "The Weather in Europe" is a short, 15-second segment to inform the viewer about exactly what its title indicates, the weather conditions in some of the major cities of Europe.

Being a full-fledged rebranding, this project took several weeks to complete. I was responsible for every step of the creation of these projects, from conception to execution and delivery to the client.

thank you!

mytv - Channel Rebranding


mytv - Channel Rebranding