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Share Magazine - Institutional Promo
Share Magazine - Institutional Promo 

Share Magazine is a variety magazine, containing articles on several different themes, ranging from news, current issues, entertainment to fashion or health. Published by the Record TV Group to accompany some of the biggest newspapers in Portugal, published independently in other countries and even having specific versions for some markets like the U.S., as well as digital versions of its editions, Share Magazine has a broad public to engage with.

And with that in mind, a promo was created to show its public the behind the scenes of the creation of the magazine, as well as show advertisers the potential reach they can acquire. 

Therefore, a pop-up metaphor was adopted to make its themes "pop", with the magazine being the focal point of the promo.

This project was made in collaboration with my teammate Iúri Silvestre.

Thank you!

Share Magazine - Institutional Promo