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mytop10 - Show Rebranding

mytop10 - Show Rebranding​​​​​​​
One mytv's titular shows, mytop10 was always directly linked to the channel itself, either due to its production being made in-house, or by its graphics being part of the identity of the channel. When mytv went through a rebranding, therefore, mytop10 had to go through a similar rebranding, and a decision was made to keep the strong link with the channel's graphics even after this redesign.

Since the show is a top-10 list of what's hot in music, the numbers 1 through 10 are used in a lot of graphics, be it the opening, lower-thirds, top10 list... Therefore, special care was taken in their animation. It had to "pop" visually, and be easily distinguishable between the different numbers, while adhering to the general design and colors of the channel.

The numbers, isolated

For the show intro, a fast-paced, energetic song was deemed necessary, which was chosen and trimmed/edited to fit the 10-second timing. The intro itself was created based on this song, using visual elements that both resembled music metaphors (dance, EQ, instruments), the channel branding (transitions, colors) and the rhythm of the song.

A shorter, 5-second version of the intro was also requested, intended to be used whenever signaling an ad break was necessary, and is an adapted version of the 10-second one.

Full-length Intro

Short Version of the Intro

Along with the intro, a graphics package with easily-adjustable templates was prepared, including lower-thirds, the top10 list, and number bumpers.

example of show lower-thirds, top10 list, number bumper

This project was completed in tandem with the show rebranding, and I was responsible for its creation, from conception to execution and delivery to the client.

thank you!

mytop10 - Show Rebranding


mytop10 - Show Rebranding