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Giardino Botanico dei Berici
Giardino Botanico
dei Berici

Il Giardino Botanico dei Berici is a historic brand, founded in 1960, which in 2006 passed into the hands of the Cooperativa Sociale IL PONTE and became a Social Enterprise. 

Their project is to give continuity and commercial development to the brand, at the same time offering concrete job opportunities to people with disabilities, mental 
and social problems.

Recently, we have been involved to redesign their entire range of products’s design system. Having received the task 
of also taking care of the restyle of the Cooperative’s visual identity, we proposed to develop an ambitious project: 
to be able to directly involve staff with disabilities in the graphic design phase of the packaging.

We were not interested in their operational manpower
in this case but rather their creativity.

We proposed to organize a workshop at the cooperative. The people involved had paper, brushes and tempera paints at their disposal. Very few indications, complete expressive freedom. We were interested in obtaining signs that we would then select and relocate in the packaging project we were studying.

In short, we also wanted the packaging to tell, at least in part, the deep identity of the brand, the one that is expressed through the strength of human relationships and that are the engine of a social enterprise.

The outcome was uncertain according to some but in the end everyone, perhaps with a little surprise, expressed great satisfaction with the result achieved. For us it was very nice, engaging and exciting to participate in this unusual work session, with an unusual team of illustrators in tow.


We have invested a lot of energy to study a sufficiently flexible format, capable of coding more than 20 different references.
The variety of signs produced during the workshop and the quality of the organic raw materials helped us a lot.
All that remained was to combine all these elements together, weaving solid characterizing chromatic relationships.


The project was divided into two product lines: herbal teas and spices.
The line was drawn, so it was easy to apply the concept to glass vases as well.
Here the institutional color plays a more important role while always communicating with the colorful
 elements developed during the workshop.
The last piece of the project 
was declining the new brand identity also on the web.
The goal was to create a completely separate online space
from that of the cooperative, for a clearer positioning 
and a more articulated and effective brand communication.
Client: Cooperativa Sociale IL PONTE
Art Direction: Federico Galvani
Illustration & Graphic Design: Anna Rodighiero
Photography: Federico Padovani 
Video shoot: Federico Padovani & Rodolfo Hernandez
Mr. Luca Brentegani
Giardino Botanico dei Berici

Giardino Botanico dei Berici