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Some Philosophy

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  • Hi guys,
    After few weeks of testing of new toy Nikon D3100 I can say, that it is a fun toy, but more complicated. Even though I am very pleased with photo quality (if taken properly which is far not often for now), I found some hard times into switching from compact to DSLR.
    I think it is quite important, because for several days I have thoughts about it in my head. Yesterday before going to sleep the nice picture of what I wanted to say appeared, so I decide – it’s time to write!
  • Canon Powershot IS210
  • I will appreciate you read the text. And, if you will think something about it – let me know, I would say it is rather important to me.
    First of all, I will dare to classify all the people with cameras on three principal categories: professionals (who make money on photography), artist (who creates an esthetic images) and regular users (taking pictures of places they visited etc-etc). Of course, as in all classification, each person is a mixture of each of these categories. I am putting myself somewhere between second and third category with strong attraction to the third, though.
  • Nikon D3100
  • What I think can be applied, that for any photographer who is not doing it for money a simple rule can be applied: the photography in some way represent your emotional state. And, talking a bit of sarcasm, not too much I would say about people who take preferably pictures on parties of him/friends with drunk faces. What I can say about my photos, that often I try to run out from place of object, concentrating on the object itself. This flower I pictured in the garden near road on the way to the train station, and even I was a bit late, I couldn’t resist staying for 1 min to find angle to shoot it. It’s no more only about the seeing objects around you; it’s more like take a picture to regain the emotion in it.
    Example, some nice tree with “cats” fluffy stuff can be taken like that
  • Canon Powershot IS210
  • Or like that
  • Canon Powershot IS210, ugly photo.
  • What I mean is, if you think that photography can be in some way the snapshot of your mental state in general sense. I do not know if I was able to express it in a easy understandable way, but I like this idea a lot. It actually makes each successful photo unique, even if it was taken at the same place.) So, the trouble of using Nikon I found was kind of not expecting. For now, I was testing it like “I go there and take photos”. And I do not like the photos, I do not see in them too much of my emotions. Funny enough, I’m carrying now the camera around, waiting when I will feel like taking photos, to be able doing it, even if it will be in the middle of the crowded street a photo of small flower aside the road.
  • Canon Powershot IS210
  • As a conclusion of this, please, take your time while taking pictures, think that in some time you can remember how you felt just by looking on the photo :)
  • Nikon D3100
  • PS. All the photos were 0 GIMPed, so you can see the difference in noise and (maybe) tell me if the Nikon D3100 in my hands better than Canon PowerShot IS210. Ok, I lied, I croped some of them.
  • Nikon D3100
  • Enjoy,
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