Van Wanten Classics

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  • Various projects from the past.
  • Help! Stop global warming. Artwork: Emillio Brizzi
  • Artwork: Marc van Oene
  • Mailpiece including an XXXL driver to target a high end business audience. 

  • The RVS insurance advisor is closer than you think. Even while you are waiting for a bus. Artwork: Marc van Oene

  • No budget commercial by RVS insurance company to support the Make a Wish foundation. 
    Artwork: Maarten (6 yrs)
  • Special edition for the newspaper Trouw to celebrate Music Month 2001.
  • Holiday promotion for the Mitsubishi Grandis. Artwork: Robin Howlett.
  • Introduction for the New Mitsubishi Lancer 2007. Artwork: The Ambassadors. Soundtrack: Massive Music
  • Wintersale 2005
  • If you've got trouble with your contact lenses you can try out a new pair at the Oogmerk Optician for free. 
    Artwork: Frank van der Beemt
  • Guerilla promotion to support fundraising for watersport facilities especially build for disabled people.
  • New: Applesauce in cups. For a small appetite. Artwork: Rene Mesman
  • Mailpiece to promote The place where the NN insurance advisor can get every product he needs to assemble a thorough consumer advise.
  • Indoor poster 
    Artwork: Bas Aarse