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    The Perfect Matching Scarfs fit every outfit! Exclusive range of colorfull scarfs.

Perfect Matching Scarf  Fits every outfit

Atlast the perfect item for all fashion and design addicts is available: Perfect Matching Scarf. The scarf that fits every outfit. Wasabigreenpants? No problem. Norwegian sunset yellow jacket? Sure. Blushing maid redshirt? Easy peasy. For every outfit there's a perfectly matching scarf. Alimited collection of only 20 scarfs per color scheme

Made in a limited edition. Just 20 pieces per color so the change yousee some other hipster with the same scarf is 1 in 100.000.000! Available in 6 color schemes: yellows, oranges, reds, blues, greens andblacks at www.perfectmatchingscarf.com