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  • La Dolce Vita
    To match the dinner party motto “La Dolce Vita” our idea was to newly interpret the black and white cinematic flair of the 50s and 60s for more than just the design. We also wanted to incorporate it into our selection of materials, formats, and finishings to pay homage to the fabulous Fellini era. The typography, applied in silk-screening and which was especially created for the event, left a particularly lasting impression. The delicate gilt edging and the specially designed golden stamp also succeeded in giving the event a 14-karat glow.
    We were especially delighted to discover illustrator Iv Orlov from Murmansk. His motifs for the invitation letter, the cover of the program booklet, and the postcard giveaways for the guests not only provided an excellent complement to the creative concept – they were also the beautiful result of a collaboration that extended beyond borders.